Monitor Probation & Parole

Monitor excels in providing comprehensive case management for probation and parole agencies. With Monitor Probation & Parole agencies will now have access to an automated system that will meet their investigation, supervision, assessment, financial management, and reporting needs providing a single point of data entry with real time access to offender information.

Some of the major components of Monitor Probation & Parole are:


Monitor greatly improves the investigation process by automatically tracking the number, type, and status of all pending investigations and reports. All agency investigations and reports are tracked, including Presentence (PSI), predisposition, diversion, DUI, pretrial, mental health, and any other type of report generated by an agency. The Monitor on-line interview process includes sections on personal and demographic information, residence, employment, family contact, school records, criminal history, current cases and charges, references, special needs, and criminal history.


Monitor provides a complete electronic case file system for case managers who need to Monitor clients released under supervision. All supervision case management functions are provided in Monitor including recording and Monitoring court ordered conditions, assessments, case plans, social service agency referrals, drug testing, violations, warrants, financial obligations, appointments, and a journal to record notes and activities. Monitor also maintains case and charge disposition records. As part of the Supervision functionality officers are provided tools that allow them to efficiently and effectively manage their caseloads including alerts, ticklers, calendars and performance indicators.


In addition to client needs and program eligibility screening tools, Monitor supports classification and risk/needs assessment to determine appropriate supervision placement and services. The assessments are configurable allowing criteria to be evaluated for predictive ability and adjusted over time as necessary allowing on-going improvement in program performance. There is no limit to the number or format of assessments that can be conducted and several assessments are included with Monitor. In addition, Loryx can provide integrations to third party assessments such as the LSI-R.

Social Service Referrals and Programs

Monitor includes a module that allows tracking of client referrals to government and social service agencies and community-based organizations, including treatment providers, schools, mental health centers, and employment agencies. Monitor also includes the ability of these referral agencies to directly input status reports and other information (e.g. clinical assessments, drug tests) into Monitor and allows department staff instant access to the data in real-time. The result: case managers remain informed allowing corrective action to be taken when necessary.

Financial Management

Probation departments are often required to collect fines, fees, and restitution payments from offenders. Monitor facilitates this collection by including a GAAP compliant finance module. Jurisdictions can record any type of financial requirement ordered by the court or department, as well as client payments. Multiple cases can have multiple obligations. Monitor can generate receipts, keep a running balance, and issue checks. For jurisdictions with a separate financial system Loryx Systems can provide an interface to allow posting of a person’s balance and recently posted payments directly in Monitor.

Case Studies

"The Loryx Systems’ Monitor client management system is great software. You want to spend time on your mission, not your process, and that is what this software allows. It liberates your staff from paperwork allowing them to concentrate on clients and agency mission. It is truly full featured software for community corrections agencies and probation departments designed by people who know what they’re doing."
– Rick Martin, Community Corrections Director, Rappahannock Regional Jail, VA Member, APPA MIS Functional Standards Committee