Monitor Pretrial Services

The interview and investigation needs of pretrial services agencies are significantly different than those of a probation/parole department. Monitor Pretrial Services provides interview, verification, and court preparation functionality that meets the specific needs of Pretrial agencies in a dedicated Pretrial system.

Pretrial supervision needs are met by the standard Monitor Supervision module and dedicated Pretrial functions (e.g. “Tasks” for recurring check-ins and appointments.)

The Pretrial Interview

The Monitor on-line pretrial interview process is designed to meet pretrial business practices and includes sections on personal and demographic information, residence, employment, family contact, criminal history, current cases and charges, references, and criminal history. The pretrial interview form allows staff members to view client history as they conduct the current interview. This design maximizes the opportunity for pretrial officers to collect the accurate information which the court requires to make appropriate release decisions.

Court Report Preparation

Monitor is designed to increase pretrial staff efficiency by allowing all work to be performed electronically. Monitor will automatically organize the defendant interviews and court reports necessary for court each day.

Monitor allows agencies to take advantage of conducting their work on-line by employing a specially designed calendar management screen that tracks every defendant for whom a pretrial report is being processed for court. Users can select defendants who are scheduled to appear by court date and time.

With the calendar management screen, supervisors and staff can see who is working on which report and what work has been completed. At a glance, one can see how the workflow is progressing. For example, has information been verified, criminal history checked, and other required actions performed? This feature allows staff to quickly process court reports while Monitoring work progress.

Risk Assessment

As part of the release eligibility determination process, Monitor includes a point scale and risk assessment function. The point scale is configurable to reflect each agency’s recommendation criteria. Points are automatically tallied as the report (or verification) is created and automatically updated throughout the process; specific recommendations will be generated based on the total number of points. Over time, the point scale can be validated based on actual misconduct rates (failure to appear and rearrest) and updated as appropriate. Staff with the necessary security clearance may override the Monitor recommendation.

The automation of the risk assessment process by Monitor will significantly aid in eliminating the inconsistencies and inaccuracies found in manual determinations by pretrial offices.


Monitor Pretrial includes a complete supervision module supporting officer notes, calendar/scheduling, alerts/notifications, case plans, memos, drug tests, hearings, case/bail/release information, appointments, court ordered conditions of release, and tasks.

Case Studies

"The reason why Loryx Systems pretrial and probation software is so much more effective and innovative compared to other products is that, unlike other companies, their staff has actual criminal justice experience which means they know how to listen, know what needs to be done, and they get it right the first time."
– Skip Duranczyk, Pretrial Administrator, San Mateo County, CA